Cibao Productive

Cibao Productive

Incidence of the Public Sector in the Cibao

Being the Cibao the most fertile region of the country, combining agricultural and livestock production with a large industrial infrastructure, with tourist activity and the exploitation of mining deposits, great growth and development has been achieved, which is the result of effort contributions from the private sector, supported by the sector […]Read more

Business Associations in El Cibao

An association represents a group of people who come together to achieve common purposes. In the social environment, it is valid when it is legally constituted before the institutions that give the authorization for it to function, through statutes. Such is the case of business associations. On the other hand, a chamber of commerce is […]Read more

Impact of Cooperatives in the Cibao

CIBAO COOPERATIVES SUPPORT FOR ENTREPRENEURS, COMMUNITY DEVELOPMENT AND QUALITY OF FAMILY LIFE In a marked and surprising way, in the Dominican Republic and with greater emphasis in the Cibao region, cooperatives have shown great growth in the last 25 years, serving as support to many projects […]Read more

Educational Entities of the Northern Region

The progress that the Cibao has shown in all areas of productive activity over the decades (especially since the fall of the Trujillo dictatorship in 1961), cannot be achieved without a strong educational infrastructure, both in the public sector and in private. Any person of any age who resides in […]Read more