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The entrepreneurial and competitive nature of the people in the Cibao region are the key factors for incorporating cutting-edge technology in all productive sectors that boost their business and commercial dynamism.

Currently, different productive sectors in the region keep pushing towards the efficiency of their processes in search of greater competitiveness, thanks to modern tools and technological advances in areas such as:


We see the application of advanced technology in Cibaeña companies dedicated to building, through processing of metals, steel, iron (Acero Estrella and other companies in the field) in the elaboration of cement (Cementos Cibao and Cemento Panam), as well as the use of other essential materials and technologies to build large structures.

In the same way, in the Cibao they apply advanced industrial technological processes in companies dedicated to manufacturing different types of mass consumer products with national and even international brands, such as soft drinks (Kola Real), pasta (Princess Products), cooking oil (La Joya Oil), Tomato paste (Pasta Linda), sausages (Induveca, Sosúa, Chef, Incarna, Nutriciosa, etc.), cooking seasonings (Baldom, Constanza, Espalsa, etc.), dairy products (Rica and Sosúa), among other segments.

Applying the most advanced technological processes in agricultural activities, Cibao is the great supplier of the country's main food, which is rice, both in bulkhe like packed. In this last format, the rice brands La Garza, Pimco, Campos, El Molino and Bisonó, among others, stand out.

With state-of-the-art technology in different areas of animal husbandry, the Cibao region widely leads the offer of chicken meat and eggs and pork meat and its derivatives. Also, this area is important in the raising beef and milk production.

In the financial sector, companies operating in the northern region of the country have invested heavily in state-of-the-art technologies, which allows them to offer all kinds of innovative service, although many users prefer to continue using traditional channels and processes.

Essentially, this sector has incorporated all the modern platforms of finance and it is so much so that digital marketing and social media are widely used among customers, especially among the middle-aged and the young. With the use of the devices, users can access any type of service from banks, savings and loan associations, insurers, cooperatives and other types of institutions within this sector, in the Cibao region.

Regarding the companies in the free zones of the Dominican Republic, Most of them are in the Cibao region, with more than 50% of the parks in operation and more than 49% of companies, which generates more than 41% of the jobs in this sector, according to information provided by the National Council of Export Free Zones in 2019.

As is known, these international free zone companies apply the most advanced technologies and tools in all types of productive activities, such as clothing and textiles, tobacco and its derivatives, agro-industrial products, specialized services, medical and pharmaceutical products, electrical and electronic products, footwear and its components and other production areas.

Regarding the internal trade in the Cibao, we can affirm that it has great dynamism and that the application of technological advances contributes to potentiate activities in supermarkets, pharmacies, stores, hardware stores, etc.

E-commerce, direct delivery to homes and establishments, automated inventory and the use of social networksare examples of the tools used by commercial companies in Ciba to remain competitive.

At the national level, the Dominican Republic has a advanced telecommunications technology, which is used in the Cibao region, which gives users instant access to information, at any time, allowing connectivity with the rest of the world.

In any city in the northern region of the Dominican Republic, people and institutions of any kind have access to mobile telephony, internet, social networks, videoconferences and other technological advances in this field.

Cibao Productive

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