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Business Associations in El Cibao

 Asociaciones Empresariales en el Cibao

An association represents a group of people who come together to achieve common purposes. In the social environment, it is valid when it is legally constituted before the institutions that give the authorization for it to function, through statutes. Such is the case of business associations.

On the other hand, a chamber of commerce is an entity that is made up of representatives of different businesses or businesses, from a specific geographic area, who also come together to achieve common purposes. Likewise, it requires legal authorization for it to operate.

It is important to note that both types of institutions operate in most countries, globally.

In the Dominican Republic, many business associations are known, as are chambers of commerce, in the latter case, there is one in each province.

Turning to the Cibao region, which is of our interest, business associations and chambers of commerce have a strong impact on the development of productive activities.

There are innumerable entities that function as business associations in Cibao, grouping large, medium and small companies of all types of business. In this way, we can find, for example, associations of industrialists, merchants, farmers, producers of rice, tobacco, coffee, bananas, bananas, farmers, chicken breeders, pig farmers, manufacturers of furniture, tourist companies, lawyers, announcers, teachers, doctors, drivers, tourist guides, spare parts, blind people, travel agencies, housekeepers, churches, taxi drivers, retailers and of other types of people with common interests.

It is necessary to point out that in the vast majority of cases, you will meet different associations of the same activity in different provinces, for example: Association of bus owners of Montecristi, Nagua, Bonao, Moca, Samaná, de la Vega, etc. In general, the associative culture is very common in the north of the country.

Now, the associations with the greatest impact on the social and economic life of Cibao are those that group large and medium-sized companies and within which the following are mentioned: Association of Industrialists of the Northern Region (AIREN), Association for the Desarrollo, Inc. (APEDI), Santiago Business and Industrial Association (ACIS), Free Trade Zone Companies Association and the Council for Strategic Development of Santiago (CDES).

Apart from these institutions, there are other important associations at the regional, provincial and local levels, scattered throughout the 14 provinces of Cibao.

Regarding the chambers of commerce, each Cibaeña province has an entity and of course, the one of greatest relevance is that of Santiago de los Caballeros, as it is the most important city in the region and the second nationwide, only behind the capital.

The main purpose of business associations is to defend the interests of their members. They also focus on promoting the growth and integral development of the region and carrying out actions of solidarity and support for social causes.

In recent years, these institutions have influenced the implementation of new technologies in different productive sectors and have required the Dominican State to build new road projects that improve travel between regions and provinces of Cibao, in the construction of new industrial parks and technology, in the expansion and modernization of docks, in the construction and / or remodeling of regional and provincial health centers, in the construction and / or remodeling of agricultural marketing centers, in the development of ecological tourism, in the preservation of parks in the construction and / or improvement of dam systems to guarantee water security and flood control, in the integral management of solid waste and other procedures and works that contribute to a notable improvement in the quality of life of the Cibaeños .

Cibao Productive

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