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This is an instrument of promotion and exposure, which demonstrates the business and commercial dynamism of the Cibao region, an area that encompasses the northern territory of the Dominican Republic.


The Cibao combines a fertile land and human beings with a traditional and recognized industry. The region represents an example of the use of state-of-the-art technology, which gives it a highly competitive base, being an example of development for the nation and the Caribbean area.


Through this virtual page, the high-value productive infrastructure of the Cibao is presented, exposing companies from different industrial segments, commerce, agricultural and livestock activities, the financial sector, services, education, the health, government institutions and other areas, which demonstrate the entrepreneurial character and creativity of its people (See list of options in the buttons above).


We also offer information of a historical, cultural, demographic, social, statistical and economic nature, which allows us to know in detail the characteristics of the region.


Images (photos), texts and videos of the participating companies and institutions are presented, in order to better illustrate those who visit this page.


With the use of social networks, we maintain contact with readers, as well as direct communication with companies and other types of entities that appear on this portal. it becomes an open door to the world. Likewise, it is a meeting point between those who produce and those who demand.


Due to its bilingual nature (Spanish and English), this page represents the ideal promotional tool to bring the Cibao region and the Dominican Republic closer to the rest of the world.

Cibao Productivo es una publicación digital, con la finalidad de promocionar las empresas, otros tipos de instituciones y el desarrollo en general de la Región del Cibao. es propiedad de Forcadell Publicidad, registrado como Nombre Comercial con el número 51162 y como Marca de Fábrica, con el número 53393.

Todos los derechos reservados. Queda prohibida la reproducción total o parcial del contenido de esta publicación, a través de cualquier proceso, sin la autorización por escrito de los propietarios.

-Presidente: Sergio Forcadell Feliu.
-Gerente General: Juan Correa Minier.
-Gerente de Ventas: Paula Bisono.
-Diseños de Artes: Joel Espinal.
-Apoyo Tecnológico: Ramphis Che.
-Fotógrafos: Carlos José García y Manuel Feliz.

Dirección: Calle 1-P #7-A, Sector Los Cajuiles, Santiago de los Caballeros.
Contacto Principal: 809-856-6226
Contacto Adicional: 809-915-3789